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Fall 2019 current documents / as of November 9, 2019

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Project launch article

Kate Williams-McWorter, Hui Yan, Shenglong Han, Noah Lenstra, Abdul Alkalimat, Maosheng Lai, Salvador Rivas, Zeqian Chen, Barbora Drobikova, Zhenjia Fan, Bhakti Gala, Sujin Huggins, Shah Hussain, Adéla Jarolímková, Kyungwon Koh, Helena Lipková, Jiqun Liu, Kathleen Obille, Rachel Simons, Roswitha Skare, Andreas Vårheim, Chunying Wang, Ping Wang, Sufang Wang, Pu Yan, Xiudan Yang, Yimin Zhao, and Wenjie Zhou. “Launching an international study of technology help networks.” First Monday (under review/has passed first review) docx

IRB certification instructions


English language documents

27 field manual english docx
28 interview script english docx
29, 30 interview spreadsheet english xlsx, csv
39 consent form NEW english docx
32 confirmation letter english docx
40 starter script NEW english docx

Chinese language documents

33 field manual chinese docx
34 interview script chinese docx
35, 36 interview spreadsheet chinese xlsx, csv
41 consent form NEW chinese docx
38 confirmation letter chinese docx
42 starter script NEW chinese docx

Older documents are archived here.